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Father and Daughter


My name is Ben Morter

I am a CIMSPA-qualified Personal Trainer and Health Coach who specialises in male health and fertility. I use highly effective research-driven programming to help men who are struggling with infertility to boost their sperm quality and quantity, increasing their chances of becoming a parent.  

Male Fertility Coach

The Male Fertility Crisis

In the last 50 years, average male sperm concentrations have dropped by 51.6%, and total sperm counts dropped by 62.3%. This has resulted in 7-9% of men being affected by infertility and 50% of fertility problems within a heterosexual couple being attributed to the male partner. 

You do not have to be another one of these statistics.

Research shows that effective exercise programming can drastically increase the following fertility scores. 

Want To Know More?

Check out some of the research behind these statistics and discover just how effective this method can be.

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